10 mins of Flow Breathwork a day to shift and alchemize inner healing!

Join FLOW, a 21 day self-paced journey in somatic healing through movement, elemental, and energy sciences. Do Flow Breathwork up to 10 mins a day with video guidances, and activate inner healing to help regulate and release emotions!

Breath and Movement are the oldest ways
to heal!
This self-paced embodiment course is made for you if:

  • You have difficulty connecting to your body
  • You struggle with listening to your intuition
  • You are healing through shame, guilt, self-confidence, fear, anger, and stored trauma
  • You suffer from tightness in your body due to emotional and life stress
  • You carry a lot of emotion in your hips, lower back, shoulder, and face
  • You're frequently emotionally dysregulated
  • You find yourself forcing rather than flowing
  • You have a hard time committing to your overall wellbeing
  • You're busy and want short and sweet practices to BE IN FLOW.

You're ready to:

  • Awaken your magic through movement, elemental, and energy sciences!
  • Regulate your nervous system from the ups and downs 
  • Play through the chakras and feel through stuck emotions in the body 
  • Heal through experimental and intentional movement that helps you embody your most abundant self! 
  • Feel and release emotions
  • Release shame, guilt, fear, anger, and stored trauma
  • Release what doesn't need to live in your body anymore
  • Have a fun way to release stress, tension, and trauma 
  • Connect your mind, body, and spirit
  • Of course, shake ass!

What's Inside:
  • A fully self paced video guided course to take you through 21 days of Flow with Shanila Sattar
  • Modifications for energy and body
  • Daily short flow breathwork and movement practices to keep you consistent! (up to 10 mins a day)
  • A 60 mins full Flow practice
  • Energy healing through the chakras
  • Embodiment through movement and elements (earth, water, air, fire, ether)
  • Deepened sense of release and expansion
  • Mix of slow and fast paced practices
  • Deepened connection to self and others
  • Lifetime access to the course
Register Now: Access and start this course anytime after Jan 11, 2023

Hey, what’s up? I'm Shanila Sattar, the founder of Flow Breathwork Facilitator Training, author of Breathe, a 4th generation sound healer, women’s researcher, national speaker, and host of a Top 6 podcast, The Playground. I'm the head of mischief of AlwaysPlay Studios and The Integrative Healing Academy, where I train sound healers, breathwork facilitators, and mentor aspiring healers in the healing arts!

Flow: Somatic Healing Through Movement, Elemental, and Energy Sciences (21 days)$333

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